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Sparty's Radiology Report

As one of the nation’s most adored and feared mascots, many Spartan fans ask themselves what exactly makes Sparty so incredibly way-cool. The faculty and staff at MSU Radiology decided to take a closer look “inside” this gentle giant to reveal the truths behind these and many other burning questions.

Bernie Coloring Page

Bernie is a sculpture made out of plants. He lives in the Radiology gardens and depending on the time of year, he and the gardens around him can be many different colors.   What colors would you make Bernie?  Click here to try!

MRI Game

MRI images are made using a very powerful magnet.  In this game you can discover how different types of objects react to the magnet by dragging them into the MRI room.  Click here to try!

Radiology Imaging Matching Game

MSU Radiology performs many types of scans.  Each type of scan produces a unique image.  This game will help you discover what those images look like.  Think you can tell the difference between the different types of scans? Click here to try!

Nutrition Cannon

Think you know what it takes to make a balanced diet?  Use the Nutrition Cannon to feed the face or the trash can and see what happens! Click here to try!

Games developed and built by Patrick Korth

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