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Interventional Radiology

Interventional Radiology utilizes minimally-invasive image-guided procedures to diagnose and treat diseases in nearly every organ system . These procedures can often replace open surgical procedures and are generally easier for the patient because they involve no large incisions, less risk, less pain, and shorter recovery times.

Procedures offered at MSU

  • PICC Lines
  • Ports
  • Paracentesis
  • Thoracentesis
  • Nephrostomy & Biliary Tube Exchanges
  • Lumbar Facet Injections
  • Thoracic & Lumbar Epidural Injections for Pain Control
  • Arteriograms/Vascular Imaging (Lower Radiation & Contrast Dosing)
  • CT & Ultrasound Guided Biopsies of Soft Tissues, Organs, & Bones

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