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Ultrasound is an examination using sound waves. The image produced is called a sonogram (ultrasound). An ultrasound has many different uses and since there is no radiation involved with an ultrasound exam, it is considered risk free.

Vascular Ultrasound is most commonly used to detect deep vein thrombosis (blood clot). This procedure is available 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday upon physician’s referral.

MSK Ultrasound

MSK ultrasound, when appropriately and optimally performed and interpreted can be an efficient and cost effective modality for diagnosis of many musculoskeletal disorders. Although the MSU Radiology department has provided this imaging service for some time, we would like to explain what sets us apart in this field. On staff here at MSU we have the only three regional musculoskeletal radiology subspecialists, each board certified and fellowship trained with 25 years of combined experience in musculoskeletal imaging and intervention. Their expertise and intimate knowledge of musculoskeletal anatomy and imaging is invaluable, and makes them uniquely qualified to interpret these examinations. Our examinations are performed by a board certified musculoskeletal sonographer (RMSK) with 16 years of experience dedicated solely to musculoskeletal ultrasound. In addition, we have state of the art equipment for performing high resolution real time static and dynamic MSK ultrasound. Examples of common indications for MSK ultrasound: evaluation of most tendons and ligaments, including the rotator cuff and biceps tendon; hernia evaluation; evaluation of palpable abnormalities, including for foreign body; and evaluation of any peripheral nerve. In this field there is no substitute for experience, quality, and excellence. We hope to be able to provide for all of your diagnostic imaging needs, including MSK ultrasound.

Our musculoskeletal radiologists, Dr. Ryan Fajardo, Dr. Jeff Knake, and Dr.Lodewijk VanHolsbeek, are available for consultation. Please do not hesitate to call the Radiology department with questions about MSK ultrasound, for consultation, or for any other MSK imaging needs.

Ryan Fajardo, M.D.   Jeff Knake, M.D.   Lodewijk VanHolsbeek, MD  

Before Your Exam

Sometimes certain preparations are necessary. These preparations depend on the type of ultrasound your physician has ordered. You will be informed of any special preparations which might be necessary when your examination is scheduled. Please remember to follow any special instructions you may have received.

During Your Exam

The technologist performing your exam will place a warm jelly-like substance over the area to be scanned. A small hand held instrument (transducer) will then be passed over this area. The technologist will fully explain your examination and answer questions you may have regarding the exam.

After Your Exam

Your examination will be interpreted by a radiologist (a physician who specializes in diagnostic imaging). The report of your exam will be sent to your referring physician.