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X-ray imaging is used as a diagnostic tool to aid in the treatment of many different conditions. An x-ray is produced using a small amount of radiation. The image produced is called a radiograph. Your doctor will order an x-ray examination, which depending on the exam requested, may need to be scheduled by your physician.

Before Your Exam

Some exams may require special dietary preparations, which will be explained when they are scheduled. Please remember to carefully follow any special instructions you may have received.

During Your Exam

The technologist will explain the exam to you. If you know, or believe, you are pregnant, you will need to inform the technologist before the exam. In order to achieve the best possible examination results, the technologist will be giving you specific instructions regarding breathing and body positioning.

After Your Exam

The radiographs will be viewed by a radiologist (a physician who specializes in diagnostic imaging). The results of your exam will be sent to your referring physician.

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